Back in 2010, I wrote a blog post providing guidance on adding Google Analytics tracking code to blogs.  The post has sat dormant for some time now, and within the last 3 weeks, I have had several emails requesting help in setting up Blogger analytics.

The post I wrote two years ago is completely out of date, so it’s time to provide some new instructions.

From the Blogger admin menu (shown right) choose the Settings option at the bottom.    Now one would think that since Blogger is a Google product, the Analytics option would have a prominent location in the menu, well labeled and easy to find right?  Surprisingly, Google has placed the analytics tracking code settings under the “Other” option in the settings menu.  Sadly, a blogger would need to click through every settings menu item to find this – not well placed in my opinion – and probably why many people cannot find it.  (Okay, off my soap-box now).

Now that you have located this “Other” menu, the rest is quite simple.  The last option on this menu asks for the Analytics Web Property ID.  This is your Google Analytics account number.   All you have to do is copy it from your Google Analytics account and drop it in here and you should be ready to rock and roll.

If you are unsure how to find that ID number here’s where to find it.  (Google’s help instructions to find this number over complicates it).

Once you log into your Google Analytics Account you can find it in a few places.  If you manage multiple blogs or websites, you should see the list of all the accounts you are tracking analytics on.  The number below the account name beginning with “UA,” that is your Web Property ID.

If you are not seeing that, then click on the “Admin” button (top right) of your Google Analytics screen in your account.  The screen shot below shows where you’ll find your Web Property ID (in the red box) – mine has been blurred out in the example below.

So there you go – updated instructions for adding Google Analytics tracking code to your blog.

Good luck and happy blogging!